Est. 2018

                               Brooklyn, New York, USA

(noun): an event or a group of events occurring as part of a larger sequence; an incident or period considered in isolation.

Episode is a ceramic design studio focused on lighting, created by myself, Jesse Shaw. Working closely with interior designers, my creations find their way into a myriad of spaces, from the cozy corners of residential homes to the grandeur of hotel settings. In this symbiotic relationship with technique and artistic liberty, I try to elevate spaces through the marriage of functionality and aesthetic allure. The lamps become more than sources of light; they are statements, pieces that enrich the ambiance of the environments they inhabit. With a commitment to embracing the irregular, I celebrate the beauty found in an experimental relationship with the process. Each lamp is a testament to the captured energy that defines not only my work but also the spaces they illuminate.

Episode is open on a case by case basis for large scale project involvement. Including but not limited to custom design and fabrication of ceramic items. Reach out with a brief description of what your project looks like and we can discuss possibilities.  

The studio is in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. I’m happy to send you my address and have you drop by. 

My best,